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These are my Yorkshire Terriers (Yorkies). Please select an image, and click on it for a larger view. For more information about Castleford Yorkshires, please contact us.

Yorkshire Terrier showing off style in the sunlight
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Yes, one of my Yorkshires has been featured in The Yorkshire Terrier Breeder's Magazine
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Color and coat, along with a wonderful disposition is what we see in this portrait of a young Yorkshire Terrier
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Even though Castleford breeds companion dogs, there have been numerous prize winning show dogs in your companion's lineage
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Precious Yorkie Pups in a Pink Basket
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The Yorkshire Terrier is not only a beautiful dog, but makes a wonderful companion
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The Yorkshire Terrier is a small dog from the Toy Group. It is a man-made creation dating back to the 19th Century. It was a cross between several types of Terriers in Great Britain and was used/bred to work along side miners for ratting.

Yorkshires are small, with a fiery temperament and a stubborn streak, usually weighing not more than seven pounds at maturity.

They possess a sweet personality. They are a companion dog intelligent and intuitive sensing the owners feelings and moods.

They have hair (not fur) and are non-shedding. They are born black and gold in color and turn to a gold color with dark steel blue (Gray) on their back at maturity.

Yorkshires have become one of the most popular of the Toy breeds, as they are adaptable to all lifestyles due to their size and personality.

They are slower to mature than larger breeds, and therefore, consistency in training is a must. Some Yorkshires can be aggressive toward strange dogs in an effort to be protective of their owners.

They easily adapt to all type of living quarters, be it a home or apartment.

Yorkshires are a great pet for a single person, couple, or family, providing the children are responsible and kind to small animals.

They can live 10- 15 years or more if the essential proper diet and veterinarian care are provided.

Your breeder will provide you with the basics of diet, grooming, and vaccination history prior to your bringing Your Yorkshire home for the first time.

Your breeder will answer any and all questions concerning your new pet.

Pet insurance is available through your local Vet and will be of assistance in helping you to maintain the longevity of your Yorkshire.

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