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Maltese puppy posing in a doll carriage
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Gorgious groomed Maltses in bed of flowers
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Maltese Puppies for the holidays!
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Unbelievable portrait of a groomed Maltese adult
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Springtime Maltese Puppies in a Pink Basket
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The ultimate companion, a Maltese
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The Maltese dog dates back to 600 - 300 B.C. and is known generally as a small white lap or ladies dog living in the Mediterranean area.

Maltese are diminutive in size, with a white silken coat and contrasting black "points" (eyes, nose, and lips).

Maltese possess a gentle, playful, fearless, and dynamic temperament.

Ideally, the Maltese will weigh seven pounds or less.

Very few breeds are as versatile, amiable, and adaptable.

It is a hardy breed and seldom prone to chronic illnesses, exhibiting exuberant personalities, playful natures, and are great companions for gentle, responsible children.

Maltese are excellent watchdogs, letting their owners know that someone is at the door.

They make a great effort to please their owners.

Consistency in housebreaking is essential, letting the Maltese know that you are the leader and your rules must be followed.

Upon bringing home your new Maltese, arrangements should be made for an adult to be at home during those initial few days, so your new puppy will bond with the primary care giver.

Maltese are seldom "chewers".

Most Maltese are quite prepared to associate with other pets within the home.

Necessary care instructions will be provided by the breeder, along with vaccination history, in order to help in the puppie's transition to their new home.

The Maltese coat, though white, will need to be groomed so that you do not show the outside dirt. Because there is no undercoat managing the coat is a little easier.

They are one of the most affectionate of breeds. They dote on their owners, making them loved by all those "owned" by a Maltese.

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